Cool news for myself as a shaper, and amazing news for team rider Chance Gaul! I was stoked to see Chance on the cover of our local newspaper, The Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot, boosting an air in front of Dagwood. It is amazing to whatch Chance ripping on his Grape Gold Digger (EPS/Epoxy 5'5" x 18" x 2 1/16" ). I designed the Gold Digger to fit the void between a board for smaller waves, and a shortboard for bigger ones. California does have a few perfect golden wave days, but most of the time you need to dig-in yourself and make the magic happen. Compared to our Secret Agent, which is our perfect day shortboard, the Gold Digger has a slightly wider tail block for more lift, along with a slightly shorter, wider, curvier outline for tighter turns in the medium-sized pockets.  

Paul Wade

Ace Conlon skimboarding the iconic Bondi beach! One of theh most famous beaches in the world. This is the shot that made the 2nd page of the paper that day. Yew!

Have you bought your ticket yet?

Bill 'Beaker' Bryan has been shredding over on Oahu for the past couple of months. He spends most of his time skimming the overhead perfection of Makaha by himself. If you are not scared of the territorial locals, Beaker leaves lots of 80-degree watered barrels for the sand crabs.... he can't skim every wave, and the locals are surfing.

Photo: Jeff Davis

Get on a plane and skim perfection with one other person- who happens to be a world champ of many accounts. It's only fair of us to warn you, however- Makaha is very localized. It would help if you are Hawaiian!

Hit the beach for Laguna's random off-season warm day & mini south swell.

Here are some photos of Brooks Street- Empty and pebble-free!.