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OG designed for flat-beach riding and technical variations, the Halibut's flatter entry-rocker and planing surface keeps the board flowing through the flats.

The Halibut is sick for tricks. It is great for siders and liners. The wide, rounded tail outline gives the board tons of "pop" for airs, and makes spin-tricks simple. The nose on the Halibut resembles the tail on a normal board, which allows for more natural backward- riding. Specifically for airs and trick variations initiated off your front foot, especially while riding backwards. A shorter nose and tail means decreased swing weight, so the board will spin faster. If your working on your 720 shuvits and need some help from your board, or if you want to get creative on flat to medium-sized days, the Halibut is for you. Bottom Line: It has it's own unique rocker, is glassed with carbon fiber, and made with HD divyncel foam. It is the best board for tricks, siders, & liners. It's fast & furious rotation makes it super-good for riding backwards.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.07.48 AM.png